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  1. Jim

    Hi Alan. I am a 61 year old novice single tracker from Lithgow who had been told of Kowalski flow. Now I know. Bloody fantastic. Did the short loop today plus some extras and plan on doing the long loop tomorrow. Might take me awhile but I will enjoy it. Great job guys.
    PS. There is a tree down on Lower McGintys just before it gets to Kids Stuff. Will need a chainsaw.
    PSS. I’ll be back.

    1. Alan

      Hey there Jim. Welcome to Sparrow, and I’m pleased our flowing tracks appealed to you. Just one point, re your “Kowalski flow” comment: It should read “Sparrow flow”. Aside from building Big Wednesday for one of SPE’s profit-orientated events, the Kowalskis have had no participation in designing the “flow” of Sparrow tracks. Our History page tells the story of Sparrow’s volunteer trail building. Thanks for your tree down report, too. That’s real helpful. Will get it fixed. Regards

      1. Jim

        Thanks Alan. Didn’t know that. Makes all the great work by you guys even more fantastic.

        Did the Long Loop yesterday and loved it until a split tubeless side wall 25 km in at Choc Monte that wouldn’t seal properly had me walking and coasting back to the car park on a half flat. That’s mountain biking.

        Loved Licketty Split and also the bit of rocky stuff on Heavy Cow. The drop into the second part of Kip’s proved too much for this old bloke so it was a Chicken Run.

        It was magic out there at 7 am with nothing but me, the black cockies and the roos and Wallabies for company.Thanks for the experience.

        I know where I will be going everytime now when I visit my daughter at Uni in Canberra.


  2. Pete

    Was out at Sparrow for an end of working week ride to ditch the weeks accumulated frustrations. The tracks are all in top nick and riding well. I decided to do Archery Loop in reverse and then link up with Billy Billy and Rigour Mortis and onto Kips Canyon etc. I must have been too in the zone as I missed the turn to the gate and ended up on a awesome bit of trail I hadn’t been on before. (I have been riding out here for over five years) Rock n Roll was one part of it. I think I may have been riding it the wrong way as a couple of the rocky bits required me to hike it up them but I thought it was pretty cool. How long have these trails been around for? I’ll be back tomorrow for more!

    In answer to Alan’s April post, I like climbing the hills as much as I do going down them. I like how the trails at Sparrow flow and this suits me just fine. Love some of the rocky sections and other features at Sparrow too. There is just the right amount of them in my humble opinion. I love being amongst the trees, summer or winter. I generally try not to stop and smell the flowers riding on my own but when I take my sons out we stop for views and picnics.

    Keep up the fantastic work and I hope to see you out on the trails sometime soon! -Pete

    1. Alan

      Great to hear you’re getting so much out of Sparrow, Pete — you and your sons. Sounds like you were on McGinty’s, heading for the top gate, but turned off to the right just a few hundred metres short, and ended up on the relatively new set of tracks that run parallel to Archery, but are just higher up on the hill. They’ve been there since last summer, and give us another great alternative way down to Rigour Mortis. Another track opened last summer that you might like is the Black Diamond, a rocky challenge, just a short loop that comes off The Trig. If you haven’t found it yet, there’s lots about it on the front page of this website, including a video. Or check out the track maps.
      Thanks for taking the time to share, and hope you enjoy many more great rides at Sparrow.

      1. Pete

        Hello Alan

        I was doing Archery in reverse and had made it all the way down to Broken Arrow and missed seeing the little turn out to the gate there that takes you to Billy Billy and onto Rigour Mortis. I did Brake Dance, Rock n Roll and Disco Duck all uphill! Needless to say all my work frustrations were well and truly gone by then! :)

        I will make sure I check out the Black Diamond when I’m next there which hopefully will be today after work! :)

        Oh and I forgot to mention me and the boys all love Kips Canyon! :) -Pete

  3. Mick

    Just want to give a big thanks to Alan for the work he does at Sparrow Hill. I have ridden trails in Moab, Durango, Rotorua and North Wales over the past few years and SH is the equal to them all (the scenary is better in Moab though). Nice friendly hound too. Cheers,

  4. Alan

    + + +
    Welcome to all of our visitors.
    Help us to develop Sparrow the best way by telling us what you like (or dislike) most about Sparrow Hill? We’d love to hear about your ride/s at Sparrow. Also, would really help if you reported here if you see a tree down over the track. Try to describe where you saw it, even its thickness, as best you can. Some are easily cut by hand; bigger ones need the chainsaw. Others also like to read about Sparrow. Show them the routes you follow. Do you make up your own course/s? What things attract you to these tracks? Do you have a regular riding group? How did you get them together? What’s your favourite track (or tracks)? Do you enjoy a tough climb? Do you prefer flat courses? Undulating? Do you take time out to enjoy the views? Do you ever stop at, say, a lookout for a picnic, or a relaxed drink, or to take a photo? Have you conquered the new Black Diamond track off The Trig? Are you working up to it? Do you like the dips through the creek on Tuff Titty? Do you find Kip’s Canyon fun? Would you like more tracks like Sidewinder, out in the open where there aren’t any trees? What’s best (or worst) about riding in the forest? Would you ride Sparrow if there weren’t any trees?
    These are just some suggested topics. We’re interested in anything you have to say about your Sparrow experiences, and look forward to applying any good ideas for improvement.
    Ride safe. Alan

  5. Rob

    Fantastic place, love the tracks, love getting lost so that each ride is different. Keep up the good work guys we appreciate you efforts

    1. Alan

      Hi Rob. Yep, couldn’t find a better place to get “lost” in. Hope you are finding our maps helpful in getting you unlost :)

  6. Michael

    Went to Sparrow Hill yesterday, drove down from Sydney. Well worth the trip. Thats an awesome place to spend a few hours. I was told that there is some sweet flowing single track in Kowen Forest. Can anyone tell me which tracks are worth riding in Kowen Forest and where can i park the car to access them?

    1. Alan

      Hi Michael. Glad you enjoyed Sparrow. There is only one other track network in Kowen Forest (Sparrow is also in Kowen F), and that is East Kowen. Unfortunately, it is closed while Forestry does its forest thinning operation. Google “east kowen” or “east kowen closed” to keep up with its status. When it’s ready to ride again, park in the Sparrow Hill car park, then ride 200m to the end of the tar road and enter the gate on the left. There’s another 40-plus km over there. Have fun!

  7. Mick

    Sparrow Hill is a great facility. Although like most I miss Bobsled, it still has great tracks and thankfully shade in the summer. Big thanks to the guys for having the energy and vision to build the trails.

    1. Alan

      Nice to hear from you, Mick. I think we all miss Bobsled, and every now and again I still get a bout of nostalgia and watch our Bobsled video. The best I’ve been able to do to replace Bobsled with what’s available at Sparrow is Lickety Split. Boy, I do enjoy riding down there!

  8. Scott

    Thanks for the maps and descriptions. I’ve found myself confused out at Sparrow more than once, because trails often change between rides. It’s great to be able to see what’s changed before heading out so I can plan how much time I need. Of course a big thanks to those who put so much work into building an excellent network of trails. Top place to ride.

  9. Matt

    Sparrow Hill is a fantastic facility and this website is a great resource for those looking to ride it.

    Congratulations on a job well done and thanks for your efforts!

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