Kid Stuff

Kid-Stuff-intro-picKID STUFF MAP

Large Kid stuff map.
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Dunny to the Top Gate
Cruisin’ Down the Creek Run

KID STUFF starts at the car park and follows the red arrows, along the same tracks as the other loops, for the first couple of kilometres.

At first you will ride slightly uphill for about 300m until you spy a green-painted public loo on your right, just before you bump into the Kings Highway.

Looking towards the highway, see that big gum tree straight in front of you? Is that really a pine tree growing in the centre of its two trunks? That might be one of those pinegum trees!

Go right, gently downhill, and at the next corner follow the arrow left. It takes you over a bicycle grid through the fence, and under the highway. That’s called the small underpass.

On the other side there’s another grid. Now turn left and you’ll see a red arrow pointing right just ahead of you. It’s the entrance to your first single-track – it’s the Dunny Track.

Now you’re in the forest, and it’s a fun ride. Watch for another bathroom feature a little further in.

Eventually you’ll come to an intersection, and you’ll see that KID STUFF turns left. The sign says another track also goes that way. It’s Lower McGinty’s. And to the right goes McGinty’s. The two McGintys link up later.

So you go left, crossing straight over a fire-road and enjoy the new challenges of this track. A few hundred metres on, you will reach another intersection. Follow the Kid Stuff sign straight on. Lower McGinty’s turns off to the right.

You will cross another fire-road almost immediately, where you negotiate the wide Kid Stuff gate with your bike, then follow the arrows left.

Have fun on the four little humps on the track before you merge with another track (Waterside Way). Keep following the arrows.

On Waterside Way you’ll have dam wall crossings one after the other, a couple of neat little bridges, onto or off the dam walls, and lots of exciting, fast runs, sometimes bordered with rocky outcrops.

When you again meet the Kings Highway, you’ll cross more grids, this time going through the big underpass.

Follow the road briefly left, then sharp right down the hill and over the little plank bridge at the creek. Be careful down the gravelly hill!

Straight up the other side for 50m, take the left turn down Creek Run, and it’s only a few hundred metres to the car park, all downhill with lots of nice curves and two creek crossings. The creek bottom is firm and smooth, so don’t worry if there’s a puddle in it.

Now, what about doing it in reverse?