Fast, fun, real cool

Want to ride one of the quickest, most fun tracks in Canberra? Maybe you have already, and maybe . . . you ride a regular course, each time narrowly bypassing one of the coolest tracks around without realising it.

alt28It’s virtually all gentle downhill (there’s a thing!). It’s forever twisting and turning, and it’s really grippy. It has hootin’ and hollerin’ fastest sections with jinks and berms that beg to be ridden hard.

Watch this short appetiser to find out where this track is —

. . . and then come back and run the full video (it’s short) to see just how quick it really is

So, are you one of those who regularly rides the Short Loop at Sparrow? And rarely deviates? Maybe you haven’t considered the little side-track that could take you to the highlight of your ride. It doesn’t add much distance to the loop, and it’s worth it. If you’re a long looper, you’ll already be familiar with this fun track.

From the Top Gate, follow the Short Loop down Fun House, into Gutter Bypass. Just before Gutter Bypass pops out onto the fire-road, there’s a track off to the right. That’s it.


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