Kip’s Canyon keeps growing

Kip's Canyon extension at Sparrow Hill, Kowen Forest, Canberra.

Kip’s Canyon extension on Gum Gully at Sparrow Hill, Kowen Forest, Canberra.

It’s been such fun riding Kip’s Canyon that we got back to work and have doubled its length, after having already made one extension (see earlier Sparrow News report).
The new section called for a 420m extension of Gum Gully above the original Kip’s Canyon. Gum Gully now does a gentle climb before swinging into the very top of the erosion gully. Heading down, it criss-crosses the gully using many berms smoothed into the gully walls, before joining up with the original Kip’s Canyon and the continuation of Gum Gully.
A parallel new track, the Chicken Run, is an obvious alternative way down, but could also be useful if the gully gets too wet.
Want to see what it looks like? Here’s an aerial preview:
Growing Kip’s Canyon